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Masoud Rezaei is an Iranian award-winning composer/ Setar (Persian Lute) player based in Los Angeles, CA. 

He was born in 1986 in Iran. Masoud Started learning the Setar at the age of eleven, later he continued his education and got his B.A in "Iranian Traditional Music Performance". He had the privilege of being taught by Masters : Zolfonoun, Babaei and Shoari for many years. He started to experience a personal musical journey and the result was released on 2015 as an album "Nothingness" and a piece of this album was nominated for the best world music in HMMA in 2018. In this album he worked with renowned musicians like Master Navid Afghah, Tony Overwater, Shahram Gholami and Kiarash Etemadseifi. Masoud released his second album “Until” (which is the reflection of very hard days when he was under a lot of pressure for protesting during the Green Movement and its consequences such as imprisonment and other punishments by the government of Iran) in May 2019 featuring renowned musician “Mohsen Namjoo”. "Until" won the 18th "Independent Music Awards" in "Best World Traditional album" and also Global Music Awards" in World Music and Album categories.

He has performed many concerts with great musicians in Iran and US.

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

©2017 by Masoud Rezaei

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